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Wong, University of California at Berkeley Among contemporary Chinese American writers, Russell Leong strikes me as one of a handful most readily identifiable with a diasporic sensibility, if the term is taken to refer to conventional definitions of diaspora derived from the Babylonian exile of the Jews e. In his poetry collected in The Country of Dreams and Dust and fiction collected in Phoenix Eyes , Leong writes with exquisite sensitivity about the global displacements of the Chinese in recent history; often in an elegiac tone. In Phoenix Eyes, on which I will focus in this essay, most if not all of the stories are predicated on a profound sense of loss and involve restless translocal movements of various kinds, all meticulously historicized. Leong seems able to fuse a diasporic orientation with several other seemingly disparate self-identifications that have been important in his career and personal life. A third-generation descendant of southern Chinese immigrants who grew up in San Francisco Chinatown Leong, Interview , Leong has, for over three decades, been intimately involved in efforts to establish and maintain a distinctly minority Asian American cultural tradition1. At the same time, he is an out gay man who addresses the intersectionality of gayness and Asian Americanness in both his professional e. Finally, Leong is an avowed Buddhist, dedicated to daily spiritual practice through Chen-style taichi personal communication, 23 Oct. Buddhist terminology, allusions, imagery and philosophy pervade both The Country of Dreams and Dust and Phoenix Eyes2. How are they related to each other? I argue that, working through his fiction, without using the abstract academic language with which he deals as an editor, Leong is in fact an important theorist of the Chinese diaspora.

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Dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it is a typical example of Baroque Galician urban architecture. Today 08 07 06 it houses the Regulatory Authority of the “Rías Baixas” Protected Geographical Variety.

Explosions rocked the small town of Paramos where ten houses have been destroyed shooting a giant plume of smoke into the air on Wednesday. Seven children are among the casualties after the blasts at around 4. Conflicting reports are still emerging from the area where a further three fatalities are yet to be confirmed.

Earlier reports four people may have beenkilled appeared to be ruled out by officials but Spanish media reports have said otherwise. The regional Xunta de Galicia government confirmed last night police were looking for more people among the rubble of houses that had been destroyed. Fire crews have been attempting to secure the area of an illegal fireworks blast which destroyed ten homes At least ten homes were destroyed in the explosion in Paramos, Spain, late on Wednesday after reports fireworks caused huge explosions when they were transported to a home Investigators are on scene where one woman was killed and 26 were injured, including seveen children on Wedesday Alberto Nunez Feijoo said: His ‘illegal’ factory had been closed by a court order and the Spaniard had reportedly ordered the moving of stock from the warehouse to a private home when the blast went off.

Alfonso Rueda, vice-president of the regional Xunta de Galicia government, said no-one was missing and said none of those hurt had suffered life-threatening injuries. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy, a native Galician who grew up in the province of Pontevedra where the explosion took place, said his government was ready to offer any help the regional government needed.

Officials have confirmed there are no missing people. One person has died and at least 26 others were injured in the blast Emergency services are on scene attempting to establish how the blast went off on Wednesday evening Firefighters were scrambled to the blaze as the home and nine others around it were reduced to rubble in the blast One local told local paper La Voz de Galicia: I saw two houses which were completely destroyed.

He is expected to be hauled before a judge in the next 48 hours to be questioned as part of a manslaughter investigation, although he is expected to face other charges.

Galicia (Spain)

The national flag, adopted in , consists of three horizontal stripes: The peseta was replaced by the euro as official currency as of The euro is divided into cents. There are coins in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents and 1 euro and 2 euros. There are notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, , , and euros.

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Innovation from the East: The location chosen to host the conference for the second year in a row was Singapore, which we already mentioned as one of the key player in the Asian digital ecosystem, when we analyzed a series of cool social media campaigns coming from there. The event has been organized by TechInAsia , the all-you-need-to-know blog covering social media and tech in the fastest-growing continent in the world. The website offers a range of over 15K items , and uses social networks to promote its service across the globe, including the US market.

The aim is to offer an online inventory of spare tickets for city-to-city travels inside the county, a model similar to Indian startup RedBus. Once again, you can rad the whole story — especially the difficulties the startup in encountering in the complicated Thai transportation system — on this TechInAsia post.

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This event was the result of the Treaty of Union that was agreed on 22 July , [23] and then ratified by both the Parliament of England and Parliament of Scotland each passing an Act of Union in Almost a century later, the Kingdom of Ireland , already under English control by , merged with the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom with the passing of the Act of Union Although England and Scotland had been separate states prior to , they had been in personal union since the Union of the Crowns in , when James VI King of Scots had inherited the throne of the Kingdoms of England and Ireland and moved his court from Edinburgh to London.

Current British Overseas Territories are underlined in red. In its first century, the United Kingdom played an important role in developing Western ideas of the parliamentary system as well as making significant contributions to literature, the arts, and science. During this time, the UK, like other great powers was involved in colonial exploitation, including the Atlantic slave trade , although with the passing of the Slave Trade Act in the UK took a leading role in combatting the trade in slaves.

One year later, the British Broadcasting Company was created. More than , British soldiers lost their lives on the battlefields of World War I. Disputes within Ireland over the terms of Irish Home Rule led eventually to the partition of the island in Following the defeat of its European allies in the first year of the war, the United Kingdom continued the fight against Germany in the aerial campaign known as the Battle of Britain. After the victory, the UK was among the powers to help plan the postwar world.

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Layer Gallery, Indiana Map Speed dating vigo , main track Solidaridad Gallega failed, but in Irmandades da Fala Brotherhood of the Language developed first as a cultural association but soon as a full-blown nationalist movement. The Roman Empire established its control over Galicia through camps castra as Aquis Querquennis, Ciadella camp or Lucus Augusti Lugoroads viae and monuments as the lighthouse known as Tower of Herculesin Corunnabut the remoteness and lesser interest of the country since the 2nd century of our era, when the gold mines stopped being productive, led to a lesser degree of Romanization.

Enter top competitions to win holidays, tickets and VIP experiences A shared elite culture evolved in this region during the Atlantic Bronze Age. I think I’m going to win. The Towers of Catoira [26] Pontevedra were built as a system of fortifications to prevent and stop the Viking raids on Santiago de Compostela. Its rich mineral deposits of tin and gold led to the development of Bronze Age metallurgyand to the commerce of bronze and gold items all along the Atlantic coast of Western Europe.

Inthe Visigothic King Leovigild invaded the Suebic kingdom of Galicia and defeated it, bringing it under Visigoth control. Geographically, it corresponds to the people the Romans called Gallaeciwhich were composed of a large series of nations or tribes, among them the Artabri, Bracari, Limici, Celtici, Albiones and Lemavi.

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Random thoughts from a Brit in the North West. Sometimes serious, sometimes not. Friday, September 30, Note: Following a determination in EU law, temporary contract workers are liable for compensation. El Confidencial warns that some two million erstwhile short-term workers who had lost their jobs in the last twelve months are now claiming indemnities from companies.

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AF contactors have built-in surge protection and do not require additional surge suppressors. The AF series 1-stack 3-pole contactors are of the block type design. Fylls i av arbetsgivaren, v. No restrictions apply to any of the foodstuffs’ categories in the EU The date of the written exam has been changed from Friday, January 16, to Wednesday, January Please let me know if this change gives rise to any problems for you.

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